Saturday, October 08, 2005

Budget Makeovers

Not all of us can afford a complete restoration of our dream cars. For some, we need to take things in small steps as our budget allows. Problem is, this can be frustratingly slow...with projects spanning several years with virtually no end in sight! Is there any hope?

At Motorheads, we like the challenge! We'll help you achieve what we all want most - to get in our cars and DRIVE! We listen carefully to your ultimate goals, get a solid plan of action and help plan realistic steps for achieving them. For instance, using our 1972 Roadrunner GTX project as an example, we initially begin by reviving the engine and getting it in full working order. We want to get your car street ready and driveable as soon as possible. You, the owner, have the choice of stopping there until you save enough for the next phase, or continuing on with upgrades which will enhance your ride's performance. Again, we work with your budget - no matter what the size. From there you may pursue an additional step of new paint, body work and other things. You get the idea.

We want our customers to know we're comfortable working WITH you and really listening to your needs and wishes. We don't try to fit you into our mold of what we feel is right for you, what is currently "hot", or what "everyone else" is doing. We love working with you, regardless of your level of experience or knowledge. We'll advise, give you the pro's and con's of different choices, give you options within a range of prices...ultimately the decisions are yours.

Car can't come to us? Call and we'll come to you! 830-424-3883. Come see the difference at Motorheads.