Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mr. Gasket Announces Thermocap™ —
The Ultimate Radiator Cap Designed for Safety
Cleveland, Ohio (July 2006)

Mr. Gasket’s new ThermoCap is a specially designed radiator cap engineered to prevent injuries by displaying coolant temperatures, and is available in several high-pressure variations to prevent coolant boiling and engine damage. Hot coolant can cause severe injuries. Mr. Gasket’s new ThermoCap has a built-in thermometer that displays coolant temperatures, providing a quick reference to help prevent such injuries. Using the temperature gauge, it can easily be determined if it is safe to remove the cap without having to depend on inaccurate factory gauges or expensive aftermarket thermometers. ThermoCap is available in several high-pressure variations, which are higher than an OE radiator cap. Higher pressures prevent the coolant from boiling until a much higher temperature. If coolant is allowed to boil on the engine’s hottest surfaces, it is no longer able to effectively cool those parts. Using a high pressure ThermoCap can increase your engine coolant's boiling temperature to as high as 272° to prevent engine damage under even the most extreme operating conditions. ThermoCap is not simply an OEM replacement with a thermostat built in. The high-pressure regulator system allows your coolant temperatures to stay lower, and at the same time protect your engine when your coolant temperatures are elevated. By preventing boiling of coolant, ThermoCap protects your valuable investment, whether it's a high performance stock motor, or a performance modified engine. Available in red, blue, silver.

For more information, please visit Mr. Gasket's web site at You can also contact Motorheads Performance at or call 830-424-3883 for help in determining the correct cap.