Saturday, October 04, 2008

October 2008 Update

So many wonderful things have been happening at Motorheads. It's been a very busy year, and Guy and I have been working hard to continue our quest to give our customers the best service and product available. We're busy with building and installing performance engines, performance upgrades, car and truck restorations, body-off restorations and repairs.

We've welcomed many new customers with exciting rides: several Corvettes including an all-original '62 Corvette Roadster, an incredible and extremely rare '69 GTO Royal Bobcat which has won the heart of my non-interested daughter and turned her into a true "Motorhead" (now we have the difficult task of finding one for her project car so if you know of one let me know!), a stunning red hot '70 Camaro SS will be finishing up soon with a 400 short block that delivers over 500hp, the '70 Chevelle SS that just got freshened with a beautiful custom paint job with airbrush detailing, a unique '30 Chevy Dually Pickup in for a total restoration, and a one-of-a-kind '72 Lincoln Mark IV Convertible with quite an interesting history.

And let's not forget about the projects that are being completed with the help of their owners! The '71 Chevelle SS was a father-son project that began as an engine swap, turned into an engine rebuild and performance upgrade, which lead to a custom paint job. We'll be posting pics of this beauty shortly. The '74 Charger being transformed into a '71 Charger Clone's engine work is complete and will be going in for bodywork and paint by year end. The Model A, complete with rumble seat, was fired up with the owner present to experience the moment he'd been waiting for for over 40 years...what a hot rod she'll be! She's scheduled for paint at the first of the year and will hit the road when done. The owner of the '58 Desoto, undergoing a total body-off restoration, painstakingly located and obtained all the parts and pieces for what will be an amazing transformation he'll take part in.

Hot rod heaven!

We're excited about the coming year, and what great things are in store and look forward to more frequent updates. We hope you'll join us regularly.

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