Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Exhausting Your Hot Rod for the Raceway

We all know that one of the quickest performance fixes is an upgrade to your exhaust system. It's important, however, to choose the right system for your vehicle, and there are many options available to you. We like to look at how you drive your car in determining what's best for you. Let's look at the enthusiast who primarily drives his musclecar on the street, but likes to take her to the raceway on a Saturday to do a run or two.

Dual exhausts are an improvement over stock single exhaust, and there are certainly a lot of options in performance exhaust systems which will improve your vehicles overall performance. Running open headers to eliminate backpressure will deliver more power and get you better times, but if you want to remain street legal, you're looking at having to drop your exhaust pipes each time you want to make the change.

One often overlooked option is to install exhaust cutouts. They're especially handy if you plan on doing any runs at the dragstrip or when you need to impress a friend on a moment's notice! Exhaust cutouts give you a quick way of converting your system from street to strip. by undoing a few nuts to remove the block-off plate at the strip. When you're done, you simply replace the plug (block-off plate) and you're ready for the road. It's a simple concept that's been used since the 50's, but often ends up a butchered job when pieces are thrown together.

Motorheads Performance suggests a great little system by Quickie Racing that is quick and easy to install and works great. Undo a few nuts to remove the plug (block-off plate) at the strip. When you're done, simply replace the plug and you're ready for the road. For those wanting more ease of use, check out Mr. Gasket's exhaust cutouts which lets you open up your exhaust with the flick of a lever (operates via a control cable). There are even electric operated models for those willing to spend a little more. Once one of these units is welded into your existing exhaust system, you'll be able to open up with ease!

Check back for more on how you can improve your hot rod's performance. If you'd like help installing exhaust cutouts, or have other exhaust or performance needs, contact Motorheads at or call 830-424-3883.