Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Followup to EaglePinsUSA Story

Pam Fox, a gifted artist, is a Real Estate Investor by profession. She saw yesterdays article and contacted me to give feedback about the response she has received since releasing her Eagle Lapel Pins last month.

The following are reactions that Pam has received while distributing her designs:

A Soldier became overwhelmed, blinking at tears. “Oh my… these are sooooooo nice! … I can’t wait to show my buddies, and my Commander, too! He just freaks over stuff like this!! We all have buddies we’ve lost and know those that are wounded. You really are doing a great thing here. Thank you very much.”

A Man wearing Harley Davidson finery and sporting some lively tattoos. “Oh, man, these are really cool, these are quality!” Upon seeing her Harley Davidson wedding band (yes, she wears one) he said, “Oh man, you do know!! Hey, I’m going to bring these over to our local HOG group meeting, maybe take some along on a couple of Runs with them…. This is really a f---ing great thing you’re doing! Those soldiers are REAL HEROS, aren’t they!!?!!” You BET they ARE!!

A Soldier's Mother - “What a wonderful idea! I’ll take some for my family at home and send some over to my son and his friends that are with him. We will all be very proud to wear them.”

Visit for more information on the pins, and how you can obtain your favorite design! Join us in showing support for our troops and our country! Contributions from sales of the American Eagle Lapel Pins are made to (Don't be surprised to see them being utilized soon by some big-name organizations! Pam tells me that negotiations are in the works.) We're pleased with the success of the project, and the benefit which will come from the collaboration with an organization which aides our wounded soldiers.