Monday, October 27, 2008

Website Changes

We've been working hard at upgrades to our website to make it even more user friendly and packed with more information for you! Here are some of the many changes we've done to :

New Navigation Menus to help you find your way through our website with ease!

New menus give you access to any page from every page!

Condensing information and combining pages so you don't have to click through as many to find what you're looking for.

A Site Map page which gives you an overview of website content.

Updates to Our Projects pages so you can see what we're busy working on.

Sound bites! Hear audio clips of the engines in our projects by clicking on the tuner icon on the right of projects containing sound bites. And, move your cursor over the tuner icon and you'll get the specs of the engine.

In the coming weeks, we'll be adding:

A new Motorheads Search on our home page, and at the top right of each page that will search our entire site and give you links to pages that contain the information you're looking for!

Photo Galleries for each and every project. We've got several up and active right now, and we'll continue adding the Photo Galleries until they're all up so check back frequently. Now, when you visit Our Projects - and select either Hot Rod, Trucks or Engine Work, you'll end up on a page with thumbnail photos of each project. Click the thumbnail and it will take you to a Photo Gallery page containing a brief description of the project and one or more albums containing photos for each phase of work completed on the vehicle.

Customer Registration will give you access to member pages, access to your own private photo gallery of pictures we take every step of the way in work being performed on your vehicle, making PayPal payments on your account, reviewing invoices, as well as information specifically for customers.

Customer Forms will be available on-line for those who register. These will include Work Authorizations, Scheduling Requests, Parts Requests, Coaching Requests, as well as Policies & Agreements.

Eye Candy! is a page filled with photographic car art and photos taken at car shows. A feast for the eyes for all of us dreaming about our future projects or the rides we've been longing for.

Easy-to-use Contact Forms for requesting information, services, estimates, finding parts, or giving Feedback to Motorheads.

We hope you like the changes. If you'd like to see something special, please let us know.

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