Monday, June 25, 2012

V8 Hotel Celebrates European Motoring

Interested in classic Jaguars, Ferrari or Mercedes? I caught an interesting piece on the internet this morning, and thought I'd comment on it, as I know that there are those who are interested in European automotive history as well as our iconic American automotive history!

Apparently, an historic airport terminal building near Stuttgart, Germany was been converted into the "V8 Hotel" in 2009. The old Boblingen Airport, which had served as a docking station for the Graf Zeppelin in the late 1920's, and was home to a squadron of fighters during WWII, had been completely shattered by the end of the war. About 20,000 square metre's of the terminal, called the Meilenwerk Stuttgart, is dedicated to an auto collection made up of privately owned cars. The other half, the V8 Hotel, has 34 rooms which include ten theme rooms which use props and memorabilia to reflect the themes.

Even though Motorheads Performance prefers the classic American cars and trucks, we still appreciate every bit of automotive history, and love that other countries find it important to honor their classics!  For the full article, visit, and for information on the hotel or auto museum, visit: and/or

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