Friday, November 12, 2010

The Right Ride

How do you know what classic car or truck is right for you?  For some the choice is obvious.  You've been lusting after a particular vehicle for as long as you can remember because it has really captured your attention.  For others, it may be a car that they had during high school or college, or one that they dreamed of owning back then.  Surprisingly though, some KNOW that they want a classic car or truck, but they're confused over how to decide.  It may be that they've got so many likes that nothing seems to jump out as an obvious favorite.  Or, it may be that the logical side of their brain steers them away from favorites that seem out of reach financially. 

At Motorheads Performance, we don't believe that there is any one "right" ride.  Everyone has their own likes and dislikes and it is important to listen to them when making your decision.  You don't have to feel like you need to go along with the crowd, get the most popular, think only of resale value, etc.  Take the time to look at many of the classics by visiting local car shows, going on-line to sites that specialize in classic or antique vehicles, look through magazines such as Hot Rodder, Classic Chevy, Corvette Fever, etc., as well as the many books laced with hundreds of classic car photos and descriptions.  One is bound to strike your fancy over all the others.

Choosing the "right" ride will make your project that much more enjoyable, and the money you invest will seem well spent.  If you need help finding your vehicle, give Motorheads a call, or visit our website at

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