Saturday, January 28, 2006

Dangers of "Universal Fit" wheels

Replacing the wheels that originally came with your car is one of the newer trends with vehicles of all types, including restorations for some. Some drivers like the looks of the low profile tires, or have a particular type of wheel they like, even if it wasn't one that ordinarily was used on their ride.

"Universal fit" wheels are designed to fit multiple vehicles by using shims and "make it fit" bolt patterns. This can be a costly mistake...and a dangerous one, yet people do it all the time to save money or to get the wheels they crave. The problem is that wheels are made very specific to the vehicle. Correct rims (metric vs. non-metric), backspacing, bolt pattern and lug nuts are critical for your particular vehicle, and shims of any kind are downright dangerous.

Before you buy any non-factory wheel, check your manufacturer's specs to make sure that the wheels you want are designed to fit your vehicle (a good tire shop can be of great assistance). Don't be lured into purchasing something which will put you and your ride at risk!

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