Monday, December 01, 2008

Fun Game for Muscle Car Enthusiasts

Motorheads Performance has acquired a copy of the first muscle car board game to hit the streets...American Muscle Challenge! And have we had so much fun with it that we wanted to share it with you.

As described on their website

"Remember when Saturday night was for "Cruising", a "Burn Out" had nothing to with stress and "Muscle Ruled the Road"? Cruiser Ken remembers and he's brought those days back in an exciting board game that challenges you to be the first to restore your muscle car. Just keep in mind you may have to spend more than you want to complete it and some bumps in the road may slow you down. Be smart when making deals, be quick off the line and always. . . watch out for the cops!

Kenny R. Schwark grew up during the height of the muscle car era and has been a muscle car enthusiast since the late 1960's. His love of muscle cars did not wane with the end of this classic period in the mid-'70's. Over the years, Mr. Schwark has had a growing interest in board games and in October 2000, the idea of combining a favorite pastime with his still-smoldering love for muscle cars began to germinate. By January 2001, the concept had evolved into development of an actual board game with a muscle car theme. The first "game" was completed in March 2001. It was hand-drawn and hand-written on pieces of paper that were taped together to make the board. On a part time basis over the next five years, Mr. Schwark experimented with various board designs and layouts, as well as, concepts and designs for other game components. Mr. Schwark began serious efforts to develop his board game concept in October 2006 and by May 2007, had a high-quality prototype and strategies for bringing it to market."

Ken Schwark ("Cruiser Ken") of American Muscle Challenge is running a free shipping special on his muscle car board game through December 17. The details are on the main page of his website. Check it out at

Everyone will enjoy playing this fun game, whether they are enthusiasts or not. We played with my whole family who came to Motorheads for a visit in November. It was a fun way to let my dad and my daughters learn a bit about what we do, and for us to share our favorite muscle car stories.

Motorheads wishes you all the best this holiday season.

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