Saturday, June 30, 2012

Time-Lapse Engine Rebuild is Great!
by Andrea L. Algar
Motorheads Performance

I caught a great YouTube video that I just had to share with all our fellow Motorheads! Don't know everything that's behind an engine tear-down and rebuild?  Just watch what one guy did over a period of 11 months, taking over 3000 photos, then putting them all together in a clever and entertaining time-lapse sequence! 

Nothinghereok apparently bought an engine off of ebay after his engine had died. He began taking the photos so that he could remember how everything came apart. This is something Motorheads Performance always recommends if you're not experienced - whether it's taking an engine, transmission, body, interior, etc. apart!  Too many people take a car apart without realizing that they have to remember (often years later) how to get it back together again!  Another hint is to always "bag and tag" everything - especially nuts and bolts!

We're not experts on foreign cars, (as we work only on classic American cars and trucks from the 1920's through 1970's), but shop manager Guy Algar says this engine looks like it might belong to an MG perhaps? Love the choice of this video!

So, for all of you wondering why an engine rebuild is so expensive, as you can see, there are an awful lot of pieces that need to be removed, cleaned, sometimes replaced, and all put back together in the correct sequence and in the correct place!  In other words...quite labor intensive!

Thank you nothinghereok for sharing such a great piece!

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