Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Bucket List for Auto Enthusiasts
by Andrea L. Algar
Motorheads Performance

We've all become familiar with the term "Bucket List". Basically a list of everything we'd like to do before we kick the perverbial bucket. Motorheads Performance has even been listed on a site called The-Bucket-List which claims our website has great music and cool cars! While we wouldn't wish for anyone to kick the bucket, we're certainly flattered that we're on someone's Bucket List!
Graphic: The-Bucket-List.com

Well, the bloggers world has caught up and six months ago, AutoBlog.com began compiling their list of 1001 Car Things To Do Before You Die.  Certainly not all of them have to do with classic cars, but we found the list entertaining, and they've broken everything down into video segments to keep things lively.  Some things to do include: Race in the Baja 1000, Driving a Tank, Escape an Automotive Attack, Attend SEMA, Go Ice Racing, and one of our favorites Visit an Automotive Museum.

Host Jessi Combs has a solid history working with cars, and she has experience hosting several programs about cars. Patrick McIntyre is the other host of the show and although his background is actually in comedy, he was recruited to do presentations at car shows for auto manufacturers before he found his place on The List. Together they make an interesting team.

We encourage you to check it out!

Motorheads is creating our own "Bucket List for Classic Car Enthusiasts". We invite you to participate by e-mailing your entry to Motorheads Performance. Your list item must relate to an antique, classic car, classic truck or muscle car (any vehicle pre-1980) and be either an activity or wish (like your dream car, place you'd like to drive in your ride, person you'd most like to take that drive with, etc).

Have fun and we'll see you in an upcoming article for the results!

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