Sunday, February 01, 2009

New Series on Old License Plates Launches

For many people, part of the pride of ownership of a Classic or Antique vehicle or Street Rod is being able to display license plates on their vehicle that are not the “standard current issue” type that you find on every other car on the road. If you own a classic '55, a '69 muscle car, or a 30's truck for instance, it'd be great to proudly display a license plate from the same year.

Motorheads Performance is fortunate to have teamed up with an expert on the subject of old license plates and license plate restoration. Rod Hemmick has been providing professional restorations of YOM license plates for over 15 years, and has even been used as a reference by the State of Texas in one of their publications on the History of Texas License Plates.

Rod’s knowledge is extensive, and the quality of his restoration work is truly outstanding. He has graciously agreed to provide his services to Motorheads’ customers and friends.

Rod will be contributing articles on period license plates, and how you can get them for your ride. Different states have different requirements and laws governing the use of plates, and we're grateful to have an expert who is willing to share his knowledge with us. We begin this series with the laws governing the issuance of Antique and Classic license plates for the State of Texas. In future articles, we will be covering these same laws as they apply to other states, as requested by our readers, as well as articles covering the history of license plates, proper colors, how to find YOM plates, etc.

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