Sunday, February 15, 2009

Award Winning Car Cover
Costa Mesa, CA

The Touchless Car Cover is not your father’s car cover! The revolutionary new design in car covers was introduced and demonstrated at various locations during the collector car auctions in Scottsdale AZ after winning the coveted CAR ACCESSORY OF THE YEAR.

The Touchless Car Cover is A DRIVE IN-DRIVE OUT COVER. It addresses the various shortcomings of the traditional car cover. These issues include smudged windows, grinding dust into the finish, difficulty in use, cleanliness and storage. The Touchless Car Cover can be used indoors or outdoors thanks to a high rated UV coating and waterproofing. It also offers access to the car from either side while the cover is in place. Additionally, the Touchless Car Cover can fit more than one car and installs or folds up in less than a minute.

Developed by “car guys”, the Touchless Car Cover has been designed for automobile enthusiasts, collections and for those with a dislike of the old fashioned car cover. Jay Leno invited Touchless Car Cover to his famous “garage” in Burbank, California, where Jay filmed the TCC in action. The Touchless Car Cover has also had a writeup by Hemmings Motor News (

Since the appearance with Jay Leno, the Touchless Car Cover has been improved and perfected through a series of prototypes. For more information, visit for online video demonstrations and a gallery of photos. The Touchless Car Cover is now available through Motorheads Performance or direct from TCC. Contact andrea@motorheadsperformance for more information.

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