Monday, February 23, 2009

New Billet Float Bowls Prevents Hesitation, Stumble & Flooding!

Imagine attempting to drink….from a bowl….while blasting through a corner or ripping down the drag strip at full speed doing 60 feet in less than one second! This is exactly what your carburetor is trying to do. We've all experienced when our acceleration "bogs" when we least want it to.

The Holley carburetor has served us well for over 100 years, but the design is dated. The number one problem is the float bowl, a design that was proven on the dyno rather than the track. Fuel sloshes, splashes and spills under the high corning forces of today’s race cars. At best the fuel distribution varies from cylinder to cylinder by as much as 50%, at worst the car hesitates and stumbles.

Race Pumps new “Patent Pending” multi-chambered billet float bowls bring the Holley (still racings preferred carburetor) up to date! Each jet has it’s own fuel chamber, float, and needle and seat (the power valve uses a third chamber). The carburetor is changed from a pair of two barrels, each with a float bowl shaped like a bath tub, to four one barrels, each with a float bowl and float designed for high g-forces and angles. Carburetors equipped with the new Race Pumps float bowls maintain equal fuel distribution to each cylinder at acceleration forces up to 3gs and angles up to 45 degrees. Hesitation, stumble and flooding will be history. Best of all, Race Pumps new float bowls bolt right onto your favorite carburetor.

Motorheads is pleased to be a factory authorized dealer and installer for Race Pumps' new Billet Float Bowls and their entire line of race pumps and fuel systems. The new Billet Float Bowls will be available in March and can be purchased direct from Motorheads Performance. Visit us at or e-mail for ordering information.

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