Monday, October 09, 2006

Happenings at Motorheads

Things got busy and I fell behind in my writing. According to Guy Algar, our shop manager, some interesting trends are developing. As we all know, musclecars are back, and, as I've reported in earlier articles, the movement is BIG.

For starters, Motorheads got a run on 1960's Mustang's which came into the shop for upgrades and restorations and left ready to drive! We were also happy to see a number of great Mopars in the shop as well. (Yes, for all you Mopar fans out there, Motorheads knows Mopar!) Of course, the Model A and the 1940 Ford pickup are a lot of fun to work on, and our own 50's projects are getting a bit of attention as time permits! Got a project you're itching to finish? Let's meet and look things over together. We can help you get your ride on the road.

I've got some upgrades coming to our website , and you'll be able to see all of our projects updated on a much more frequent basis. Now that I've got the kinks worked out of the technical aspect of expanding the website, we'll all be able to enjoy the eye candy as it unfolds. I'll be returning to weekly postings here, and have some great articles planned. Hope you stay tuned. will be having current photos posted of recent shows, as well as some of the "lost" photos from Motorheads 2nd Annual Car Show, including those of our celebrity guest, 2003 Playboy Playmate with our Best of Show and Celebrity Choice trophy winners.

Lots of great things coming up & hope you stay in touch. If you'd like to contact Motorheads Performance you may reach us at 830-424-3883. Please leave a message if we can't make it to the phone and we'll return your call during breaks or at the end of the day.