Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Exhausting Your Hot Rod for the Raceway

We all know that one of the quickest performance fixes is an upgrade to your exhaust system. It's important, however, to choose the right system for your vehicle, and there are many options available to you. We like to look at how you drive your car in determining what's best for you. Let's look at the enthusiast who primarily drives his musclecar on the street, but likes to take her to the raceway on a Saturday to do a run or two.

Dual exhausts are an improvement over stock single exhaust, and there are certainly a lot of options in performance exhaust systems which will improve your vehicles overall performance. Running open headers to eliminate backpressure will deliver more power and get you better times, but if you want to remain street legal, you're looking at having to drop your exhaust pipes each time you want to make the change.

One often overlooked option is to install exhaust cutouts. They're especially handy if you plan on doing any runs at the dragstrip or when you need to impress a friend on a moment's notice! Exhaust cutouts give you a quick way of converting your system from street to strip. by undoing a few nuts to remove the block-off plate at the strip. When you're done, you simply replace the plug (block-off plate) and you're ready for the road. It's a simple concept that's been used since the 50's, but often ends up a butchered job when pieces are thrown together.

Motorheads Performance suggests a great little system by Quickie Racing that is quick and easy to install and works great. Undo a few nuts to remove the plug (block-off plate) at the strip. When you're done, simply replace the plug and you're ready for the road. For those wanting more ease of use, check out Mr. Gasket's exhaust cutouts which lets you open up your exhaust with the flick of a lever (operates via a control cable). There are even electric operated models for those willing to spend a little more. Once one of these units is welded into your existing exhaust system, you'll be able to open up with ease!

Check back for more on how you can improve your hot rod's performance. If you'd like help installing exhaust cutouts, or have other exhaust or performance needs, contact Motorheads at or call 830-424-3883.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

ESPN2 Takes Interest in Motorheads

Motorheads has been approached by the producers of Competitive Edge concerning a segment for their "For the Select Few" series. Guy Algar, co-owner of Motorheads, will be interviewed about Motorheads, our unique approach to customer service in hot-rodding, as well as trends and focus on the industry as a whole. We're excited and honored to have been selected, and to be recognized as contributors in the sport of hot-rodding and drag racing.

Competitive Edge is a national television series which airs on ESPN2. It is dedicated to providing comprehensive information on sporting products and sport events. Have you caught ESPN2 lately? We love the attention they've given to NHRA drag racing (we taped several hours on Sunday so we could enjoy it on our day off Monday!) and other motor sports. We hope you've had a chance to enjoy it too.

Thanks to all our customers who've helped get us this national recognition and attention. Our goal is to continue to provide the quality one-on-one customer service we've come to be known for. We aim to stay true to our small town ethics and genuine love for what we do. We deliver the power you crave, coach you on harnessing the power you have, and help keep your dream affordable. Visit us at for more information about Motorheads Performance Shop in Leesville, Texas.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Budget Makeovers

Not all of us can afford a complete restoration of our dream cars. For some, we need to take things in small steps as our budget allows. Problem is, this can be frustratingly slow...with projects spanning several years with virtually no end in sight! Is there any hope?

At Motorheads, we like the challenge! We'll help you achieve what we all want most - to get in our cars and DRIVE! We listen carefully to your ultimate goals, get a solid plan of action and help plan realistic steps for achieving them. For instance, using our 1972 Roadrunner GTX project as an example, we initially begin by reviving the engine and getting it in full working order. We want to get your car street ready and driveable as soon as possible. You, the owner, have the choice of stopping there until you save enough for the next phase, or continuing on with upgrades which will enhance your ride's performance. Again, we work with your budget - no matter what the size. From there you may pursue an additional step of new paint, body work and other things. You get the idea.

We want our customers to know we're comfortable working WITH you and really listening to your needs and wishes. We don't try to fit you into our mold of what we feel is right for you, what is currently "hot", or what "everyone else" is doing. We love working with you, regardless of your level of experience or knowledge. We'll advise, give you the pro's and con's of different choices, give you options within a range of prices...ultimately the decisions are yours.

Car can't come to us? Call and we'll come to you! 830-424-3883. Come see the difference at Motorheads.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Musclecar Boom is Back!

It sure is nice to see musclecars making appearances in bigger and bigger numbers over the past several years. What started as a few extra cars here and there has turned into a real boom and we're certainly excited about it! At Motorheads, we've been having increasing numbers of new customers looking to have their musclecars restored to working condition. Our current 1972 Roadrunner GTX project is a prime example. Having sat idle for 10 years, the engine wouldn't turn over, the water pump had seized solid and the ignition module was destroyed (well, literally melted) from the heat of storage.

The amount of money that some of these cars is bringing at the auction block has been amazing. A 1971 Hemi 'Cuda convertible recently brought an offer close to $1 million. But buyers at this price range are not typically the true hot-rod enthusiast, but collectors who want to add trophies and aren't afraid to spend six figures to add to their own prestige. The end result is a lot of attention being brought to musclecars that are making a comeback after the first musclecar craze of the 1980's.

The good news? More companies are making parts for our beloved musclecars. More of us who truly enjoy the thrill of driving our rides are able to realize life-long dreams of owning the cars we lusted after in our youth. What's nice is that all types of musclecars are making a comeback, not just the Chevelle with the "SS" badge on it's grille. Basic models are no longer valueless, and the range of options available to "build it right" isn't always the numbers-matching of years past.

Do you have a dream car you'd like to make a reality? Contact Motorheads to see how we can help you affordably realize your dream. We'll help locate your car and plan it's restoration or build with you.